FolderNotes Information Center

Getting Started

You can use to write and save notes online. You can also save links to other websites. Your folders can contain notes, links, and even other folders. Each user starts out with one folder. But you can create as many folders as you want to help you stay organized.

How to Create a Folder

While viewing one of your folders, there will be a "New Folder" button. Click it, then give your new folder a name. It will be created inside the folder you are currently viewing.

How to Create a Note

The "New Note" button allows you to create a new note or link inside the folder you are currently viewing. You can always edit or delete the note later.

Sharing your notes

Each folder and each item inside of it has its own privacy setting. Everything is private so that only you can see it by default. But if you choose to make it public, you can send anyone a link to it. Just copy the URL from your browser.

What can I use my FolderNotes folders for?

Anything you want! Be creative! Here are some ideas to get you started brainstorming:

  • Organize notes for a class or your job.
  • Save bookmarks and notes for a research project
  • Turn your folder into a web page
  • Make lists!
  • Write down your good ideas and thoughts!

Upcoming Features and Improvements

There are lots of improvements I would like to make to soon. For example:

  • More privacy options than just private and public, such to make a folder only visible to a particular person or group of people.
  • The ability to "follow" other users, or particular folders
  • A newsfeed that shows updates to the users and folders you follow
  • The ability to message other FolderNotes users
  • The ability to, with the click of a button, add a link in one of your folders to someone else's folder